Daily Archives: January 28, 2009

WordPress Creator Spawns Millions Of Happy Bloggers

Ever wonder who is behind creating WordPress?  The creator of the site that hosts this blog and 12 million others?  USA Today.

Meet  Matt Mullenweg.  A Katy, Texas native that dropped out of the University of Houston after his second year, when CNet offered him a job in San Francisco.  He continued to toy with WordPress on the side, but as soon as it became more time consuming, he left the position at CNet and started working on his own with WordPress.

WordPress is an open source blogging software free for anyone to use.  Mullenweg’s Automattic company charges $2500 to $5000 per year for business customers.  The open source aspect is appealing as anyone can contribute to the programming to enhance the experience.  Automattic is hot, Mullenweg having declined a $150 million buyout bid recently.  Interestingly, he started out with $1.1 million through various venture firms.

Some others who use WordPress include “CNN, Fox News and The New York Times, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Coca-Cola and General Electric, along with millions of ordinary bloggers.”  

Mullenweg has his own blog too called Ma.tt, which he uses to keep in touch with the world.  Just like the rest of the bloggers on WordPress.

“I can post something, and five minutes later, people from all over the world can react to it,” he says. “We can have a really great conversation right there on the blog. That’s pretty neat.”