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Unfortunate Impalings

These poor fellows had the grand misfortune of ending up in a certain position, completely unanticipated, and stuck long enough to have someone record their untimely experience. 

Ouch! is how they titled the article at the Daily Dispatch in East London South Africa.  Suspected thief impaled on fence from the independent Online News in South Africa, pretty much sums up this poor chap’s night after an attempt to rob the East London Museum.  While running away and climbing over a fence, he slipped, impaling straight into the rectum on the spiked fence.  His screams were eventually heard by a passerby truck driver.  Rescue crews did their job and took him to the hospital where he underwent surgery.  Ouch is quite an understatement when you see the images.  The length of the other spikes, compared with the exposed length in the impaling, means there was probably some significant damage to the rectum and intestines.  No word on the outcome beyond the intensity of this horrific experience, and the criminal nature of his circumstances when he was found.

Then there is the Naked sunbather impaled upside-down through groin by 8inch spike at the Daily Mail.  This sunbather in his birthday suit got up to stretch a bit in the discreet area he and his friends frequent, when he suddenly lost his footing, and found himself over the ledge.  Lodged upside down, impaled in the groin by a rusty 8 inch spike sticking out of the ground.  The spike was lodged in his flesh about 3 inches.  Unable to move, he had to wait for firefighters for the rescue. He apparently was well enough to be discharged later after evaluation at a local hospital.

Face impaled with tap after slip in bath at the UK’s Metro alerts us that you can never be too careful in your own bathtub.  This unfortunate man was alert and cooperative when the rescue crews came.  They cut out the fixture and took him to the hospital.  But the doctors were consulting amongst themselves as to the best approach for this rather unusual case.  So much that the man became frustrated with their cerebral ruminations.  Why, he was in pain.

I was tired of waiting and all they wanted to do was talk.

So the man took control and did some Do It Yourself Surgery, and pulled the fixture right out, all his lonesome, un-medically trained self.  A CT scan later revealed some fractures of the nose and face, but no eye or brain damage.  Pain can drive one to some unusual actions.  Lucky dude.

Ride-Strong.  Then there is the case of the man who was bicycle riding with friends, when an errant stick got kicked up by a bike, and impaled the rider through the leg as he rode over it.  This fellow certainly had the happy go-lucky right attitude when photographed in the emergency room here.  Seems like the situation had a positive outcome.

Man Drills Through Skull…And Lives! at Sky News.  A California man was doing his work at a construction site when the ladder he was standing on slipped.  While he was drilling.  His head met with the active tool.  The drill bit became impaled in his skull and brain.  He feels fortunate that he only lost sight in one eye, but survived well otherwise.   Tools can work wonders.  Caution is the rule when working with power driven ones though.

Moral.  Be careful out there.

Graphic images below the fold.  Painful.

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