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British Nurse Suspension Cleared After Offering To Pray With Patient

Nurse suspended for offering to pray for patient now told she can return to work at the Daily Mail. See the previous story on the suspension.

In essence, the nurse had gone to the patient’s home and performed her usual care.  At the conclusion, she offered to pray with the patient for her health.  The 79-year old woman declined.  The next day, the elderly patient commented to another nurse about the offer.

But she told another nurse that she found it strange and that it might be deemed upsetting or offensive by others if they were of different faiths or felt it implied they were so sick they needed praying for.

The other nurse relayed the information to her superiors who then set the dominoes of an investigation in motion.  The nurse has always held she does not force her beliefs upon anyone.

The nurse

was accused of failing to show a commitment to ‘equality and diversity’ after the incident and faced a disciplinary hearing.

But her supporters claimed she was a victim of religious discrimination.

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Baby’s Well Developed 12 Fingers and 12 Toes

Baby Born In Bay Area With 12 Functioning Fingers, 12 Toes at KTVU TV in San Francisco brings us the story of an infant born with some extremely well developed extra fingers and toes.  Polydactyly is not uncommon.  Most cases involve extra nubs of tissue that do not have much, if any function.  They are often removed because of interference with function or cosmesis.  This baby’s anatomical extras are unusual because of the highly developed state.  The parents have no plans for removal.

See the slide show here.  Learn more here at Medline.

Image courtesy of http://www.ktvu.com/news/18608582/detail.html.

Some famous people with extra digits include the Florida Marlins’ pitcher Antonio Alfonseca, and blues guitarist Hound Dog Taylor.

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Unusual Cuisine Across The Globe

Having a little trouble sticking to your diet?

Think you might like to expand your dietary fare?

Well, then head on over to Reuters at the Strange Meats photo collection.  A delightful global food excursion.  May make you think about your next meal a little differently.

  • Bush meat
  • Rattlesnake
  • Swifts’ nests
  • Bull penis and testicles
  • Ox and dog penis
  • Locusts,grubs,crickets, worms,
  • Camel sausage
  • Shark fins
  • Dog meat
  • Grilled rats
  • Scorpion and centipede
  • Bison and ostrich
  • Guinea pig

This is but one image of 32.  For your viewing delight, click here for more.

An Andean woman cooks ‘cuy’, or guinea pigs, during a guinea pig festival in Huacho, northern Lima, July 20, 2008. Cuy is also known as a traditional fried or roasted guinea pig dish which dates back at least fifteen centuries to pre-Incan times. “
Image courtesy of http://www.reuters.com/news/pictures/rpSlideshows?articleId=USRTXB8DX#a=32.