Daily Archives: February 13, 2009

Navy Introduces New Working Uniform

The Navy has a new look!  Check out this interactive presentation at The Virginian-Pilot and see what the United States Navy has its sailors wearing now.  Navy working uniform.  Coveralls.  Tropical white.  Full dress white.

Click INTERACTIVE: A Navy uniform for every occasion for a novel way of checking it out.



Drum Machine Helps Explore Rhythm

Ever think about tinkering with one of those electric drum machines?

Now you can.  Click, set up, and jam until your heart is content.



Pedestrian Dragged For 17 Miles By Hurried Driver

People can be in such a a hurry to maneuver around slow traffic .  The irresponsible, in way, waaaaaay too much of a hurry to slow down and see why there is a delay.  Instead, steering carefully through slowed traffic was just not a top priority for this driver.  Nope.   Had to be somewhere else.  Fast.  Just quickly shimmy on fast around those drivers slowing down for a pothole.  Or was it?

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