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Obama The Car Salesman Leads Government Motors

And once again, the headlines and copy scream out micromanagement and inexperience in the executive branch of the government.  Barack Obama the neophyte regulator, comes to America’s “rescue” with a socialist agenda. 

A ‘Truly Breathtaking’ Departure – Has Obama officially ushered in a new era of government-controlled business?

Team Obama fired GM CEO Rick Wagoner Sunday afternoon, just a short time after Treasury man Tim Geithner told the television talk shows that some banks will need large amounts of new TARP-money government assistance – even though the bankers don’t want it. Does this smack of big-time government planning and industrial policy? Another lurch to the left for economic policy?

Yes, Obama is telling the auto folks just how to run their business, as a condition of bailing them out.  Auto Dealers Fight To Stay On The Map – White House Pressures General Motors To Shed Dealers, Who Are Already Hurting Thanks To Recession And Skittish Consumers.  Better hope it isn’t your job Obama is suggesting get axed.  Wait.  Where is the bail out for those pending pink slips?

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