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Ring The Deer Butt Doorbell

Leave it to Mockazine to entertain us with a most unique home improvement item. 

The Deer Butt Doorbell.  Yup.  You heard right.  Click on the image, and it will take you away to the flash version, where you can ring the spot until your heart is content.  The homeowners won’t get mad a bit.  Your fingers will stay pristine and clean!  No smell.  All fun! 

More Deer Butt Redneck Art here.  Doorbells not included.

Image courtesy of http://www.mockazine.com/mockazine/2008/05/deer-butt-doorb.html.



Health Care Reform Opponents Rally Signs In Atlanta August 15, 2009

Atlanta Protest of Health-Care Overhaul Draws Thousands from the WSJ describes the rally at Centenial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, August 15, 2009.  It started out during a chat between two former neighbors over a soda about a month ago.  It led to a rally with several thousand people showing up, to express their feelings. 

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