Asking Innocent School Children To Help President Meets Skepticism

Look out for the schoolchildren on September 8, 2009!  They might go the way of the Village of the Obamned.

Recall, an Obama Youth Corps video in October 2008, led to Obama “Frat” Youth Corp Teacher Suspended

Sensible people do not appreciate the potential for selfish politicking of their children at school.  That applies to all politicians, local, state, national, all the way to the White House.  America has no interest in seeing something like Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment emanate down the pike, from what might be an innocent attempt to speak directly to children about education.  But it certainly raises concern since no American president has ever addressed children directly at school, beyond the monitored environments of their parents.  With great concern, Nice Deb highlights the reasons.

He was trying to warn people that totalitarianism is not going to come from an easy identifiable brown shirt. It’s going to come from somebody who’s going to take care of you. He’s going to tell you what kind of car you should have bought. He’s going to give you money when you make your mistakes. He’s going to help you get out of your mortgage. He’s going to take over the car industry for you. He’s going to give you health care. And he’s going to do all these things for you. That’s what’s really creepy about this entire broad assault on the traditional notion of what America used to be. 

Classroom Video Introducing President Obama’s 9/8 Speech to Students might go something like this here.  Thus, it is difficult to lay out ones children to what may be a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing, one who has associated with people with unsavory records in the past.  Why parents don’t trust the Educator-in-Chief and his comrades makes excellent the case for keeping children away from birds of the same feather that flock together.  Logically, September 8 planned Presidential address to all students prompts a “Keep Your Kids Home Day” movement, with Some Schools Excusing Kids From Obama Speech in Chicago all the way to a Texas school districts push back against Obama speech, after an uproar from concerned parents.  Primarily because it was initially touted as an address on how to “help the president,” as opposed to one on “education.  Predictably, there was Backtracking On Brainwash Plans For School Children, as the White House Withdraws Call for Students to ‘Help’ Obama

It’s 8 a.m. on a school day.  Do you know where your children are?

Militant BLACK Obama Youth Group: Let’s SCARE the SHIT out of WHITE Grandma?

October 6, 2008

A middle school teacher in Missouri was suspended Monday for putting a video on YouTube of his students chanting lines from Barack Obama speeches and wearing military fatigues.

The video, called “Obama Youth — Junior Fraternity Regiment,” was posted by a YouTube user named “keepitwildtv” on Oct. 2. The school learned the video was on the Internet and took action against the teacher Monday morning.

Joyce McGautha, superintendent of the Urban Community Leadership Academy, a charter school for students in fifth through ninth grades in Kansas City, Mo., said that the video was probably taken last May during the Junior Fraternity’s morning meeting at the school.

She would not disclose the teacher’s name. “At this time because of the legal action that we’ll probably have to take against the teacher, I’m not going to give his name,” McGautha said.

Students at the school have 30-minute group sessions four times a week during which they are supposed to work on reading and writing. Once a week they are allowed to have “activities,” McGautha said. There are 12 groups at the public charter school.

The Junior Fraternity students studied Obama’s economic plan with the teacher, and the superintendent did not know whether the teacher or the students scripted the routine. The group should have also studied John McCain’s economic plan, the superintendent said.

In the video, eighth- and ninth-graders wearing military camouflage pants and navy t-shirts chant and perform a routine in the style of a step show, a dance popular among African-American fraternities at universities.

The students enter the room chanting “Alpha. Omega. Alpha. Omega.” Then, one at a time, they state things they were “inspired” to do by Barack Obama, including becoming an architect and a sheriff. At the end of the video, the students make statements about Obama’s healthcare plan. “Obama’s healthcare plan will be able to provide participants the ability to move from job to job without taking their healthcare coverage,” one says.

“People are upset that possibly taxpayer money is being used to support one particular candidate,” McGautha said, “and now I can understand that. And I didn’t condone them. I try very, very hard to remain within the limits of the law. I think this is unfortunate.”

She said she was aware of the video, and that many of the school’s activities are recorded, but that the teacher had been warned in a letter not to put it on the Internet. If he did, she said, he should seek legal counsel.

The teacher’s fate will be taken up by the charter school’s board, she said.

“Certain things don’t happen in public schools anyway, but there area lot of other ramifications when you take it public,” McGautha said.

“As far as [the teacher is] concerned, I think he gets what was supposed to come to him. But I don’t think the children should be the victims of his stupidity.”




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