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Game On For Public Option

Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech in a prime time address to both Houses of Congress on Wednesday September 9, 2009. 

“Are the stakes important? Of course,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. “It’s a big audience, and the president will get a chance to lay out clearly for the American people what’s involved for them.” White House aides conceded they didn’t expect support from more than a handful of Republican lawmakers.

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Health Care Reform With No Tort Reform Means Long Lines

Obama Does Still Want A Government Run Insurance Company at  the Pirate’s Cove brings up some very salient points about government involvement in America’s health care.

Doctors are streaming away from medicare and medicaid like Lions fans at half time. Payments, when they actually come, are small and below actual cost. Dealing with government red tape is a nightmare. Prices for Obama’s government run entity would be fixed. What doctors, health care centers, and medical Doctors and lawyers suppliers will care to be involved when they might not even be able to break even on their services all while dealing with the bureaucracies?

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Health Care Getting The Shovel

Health care reform is a contentious issue in Washington, D.C. of late.  Seems like the President is determined to get some sort of legislation passed, despite the opposition that has become quite visible and vocal at town hall meetings across the country.  Democrats are obsessed in passing legislation soon as well, irrespective of cost and the multitude of problems inherent in the bills. 

One of the most worrisome, is the potential for government to begin interposing itself in how medicine is practiced between patient and doctors.  How?  By dictating how much it will be paying for health care, through its own cost effectiveness research panels.  Never  mind, that medicine has always been researching and determining cost effectiveness and standard of practice, amongst others. 

But pay no heed, because Obamacare believes it can study cost benefit analysis better and decide “best practices,” which ultimately translates into health care administered to you.  The government will decide how much and for what price.  Yes.  Even Obama’s Friends ‘Out’ the Death Panels.

Time for a satirical look at Obamacare.  Many in America have decided that it is shovel ready.  Has the death knoll been rung on it yet?

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