TEA Party Signs And Sights From Washington, D.C. Protest

TEA Party signs and sights from 9/12 protest.  Click the links for the jpg images, as the text is only a small part of the story. 

The patriots are clever.  Rich! 


NRO The Corner.

  • Thanks!  I’m off the sidelines.  First time protester.
  • Senior Citizens get FREE healthcare.  Senior Citizens can drop dead!
  • Impeach everybody!
  • If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying taxes.  Obama, Reid, Pelosi.  “The Axis of Taxes.”
  • How will Democrats stand up to terrorists, when they can’t even face Fox News?
  • I have $9 trillion reasons to be here. 
  • Don’t bite the hand that feed$ you.
  • This teacher gives Obamacare an F.
  • The liberal media is professionally and ethically corrupt.
  • An angry Mom, is worse than an angry Mob.
  • Congress, pack you’re bags.  you’re going home 2010.
  • The Bolsheviks promised change too.

Looking At The Left.

  • No Acorn.  No Czars.  No Cap and Trade.  Nobama.
  • Blowing Mad Money.
  • Obama lied.  Freedom died.
  • As what you can do for your (not president) country.
  • Next time read the bill.
  • Just say NO more taxes, socialized healthcare, taxes.
  • Silence is consent.  Can you hear us now?
  • I don’t belong to The Party of No.  I’m with The Party of HELL NO!
  • Obama lied and Capitalism died.
  • Angry mob.
  • Term limits is my hope and change.
  • I am the mob!
  • God Bless America.
  • Wake up America.  No taxes.  No government healthcare.
  • Politicians are like diapers.  They both need changing regularly, for the same reason.
  • Support class envy!  Don’t you wish you’re neighbor’s piggy bank looked like this?  Redistribute wealth.
  •  Madam Speaker, Kiss our astroturf.
  • Congress enslaves America.
  • Give me liberty, or give me a death panel?
  • Government mandated healthcare is unconstitutional.
  • Stop bankrupting America.
  • We only thing we have to fear is Obama himself. 
  • Patriots are on the march.
  • Got liberty?
  • Compassion is voluntary, not compulsory!
  • WALNUT.  Workers Against Lazy Non-producers United Together.  www.freedomnuts.org
  • Proud member of the Angry Mob. And I vote!
  • Liar, liar, country on fire.  [Obama]
  • Your wallet… The only place democrats are willing to drill. 
  • Don’t share my wealth.  Share my work ethic.
  • DHS certified right-wing extremist armed with the Constitution
  • Who are the Commie-Czars?
  • Comrade Obama.  Jews from former USSR say no to Socialism.
  • Impeach Comrade Obama.
  • Doctors + nurses do not support Obamacare.
  • Obama’s plan.  Never mind the cost and don’t read it.
  • Marxism.  The opiate of the asses.
  • Can you hear us now?
  • The People’s Cube.
    • Stop making profit.  report all capitalist activities to flag@whitehouse.gov
    • World’s #1 Crypo-Marxist [Obama].  Endorsed by Fidel Castro: The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency.” – GRANMA, Havana, May 26, 2008.
    • Communist. [Obama]

Red State.

  • You stop lying.  We will stop calling you a LIAR.
  • We the people.  You the public servant.
  • You lie.
  • Proud to be one of the 58,343,671 smart Americans who did not vote for The Lying Cheating Socialist.  63,846,619 a–holes living in America.
  • If abortion had not killed 53,000,000 babies we’d have plenty of money for Social Security and Medicare.
  • Tort reform – YES!  insurance reform – YES!  NO Public Option.
  • Fair tax.  www.fairtax.org.
  • I would rather be Water Boarding.
  • Socialist agenda.    Taxes.  Lies.  You shall not pass!
  • Quit spending my grandkid’s money.
  • I resist the government takeover of my liberty!
  • First collect 1/2 trillion Medicare fraud/waste/abuse, then ask.
  • Nancy, kiss my astroturf.
  • You work, they spend!!!!
  • Obama!  I want my change back!
  • We will not pay for abortion.
  • [Automatic rifle] Come and take it.
  • Obamacare makes me sick.
  • Stop! Cap and tax.
  • Seeking conservative girlfriend.
  • Give me liberty, not debt.
  • American Voters presents, The Three Stooges.  Bo, Nancy, and Harry.  Destruction of a Nation. 
  • Fire Congress. 
  • Fire Congress Now!
  • If Russia did it, we can too.  Get rid of the Czars.
  • 9/12’er
  • Hey Nancy P.  Still think we’re Astro = Turf?
  • Debtor nation.
  • Save my piggy bank.
  • Obamacare is a sick bill.
  • Cap congressional spending, not CO2.   You’re Cap and Tax is good for China and India.  Bad for Americans.
  • Soviet refugees against Socialism.
  • The stench of tyranny is here!
  • Stop stealing the private sector.  O-M.  Obama Motors.
  • Silence is consent.
  • Government spending is Doo Doo economics.
  • My unborn children are being robbed!
  • Stop spending stupid.
  • Double speak the language of liberalism!
  • Nancy we’re not as dumb as YOU look!
  • Obama.  Commander In-Lies.
  • Obama Care.  The last straw.
  • The doctor will see you now.
  • Throw the bums out.
  • Teapartyday.com.  We are tea’d!  Taxed Enough Already.
  • No more taxpayer money for ACORN.  Always Corrupt Obviously Radical Nuts!!
  • No Public Option.
  • Jews from former USSR say NO to Socialism.
  • Keep your hands off my healthcare!
  • Obama won’t give health care to illegals.  He’ll make them legal first.
  • Worried Democrat.
  • ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN.  While you were sleeping, we the people were wide awake.  Wise up!
  • Change means Chains.  no more big government.
  • Go Green.  Recycle Congress.
  • Death Panel.  Pelosi, Obama, Reid.
  • Change back.  read bills.  No more stimulus money.  Term limits.  Vet Czars.
  • God Help the U.S.

Free Republic has many more images.

So does World Net Daily.

No signs here.  Except the leftovers.  Astute Blogger.  ASIDE: TEA PARTIERS WERE CLEAN AND RULY – UNLIKE OBAMA’S ROWDY, RUDE AND FILTHY CROWDInstapundit‘s finding. 

“I’ll tell you what I find impressive. I’m watching the Fox news video about 15 minutes after the end of the event. The crowd has thinned out enough that you can see the ground and there is not a speck of trash on the grass. Absolutely clean. To contrast, google ‘pictures of litter on the mall after the inauguration.’”

Confederate Yankee highlighted a great take home point.

Barack Obama was sworn in seven months ago in front of roughly a million Americans who hope he represented the future of this republic. Today, perhaps double that number angrily let the world know that they no longer have faith in him or his allies.



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