CBO Says Baucus Bill Increases Taxes And Medicaid

The Congressional Budget Office has spoken on the current health care bill being worked on in the Senate.

CBO’s First Look at the Baucus Bill —More Medicaid, Higher Taxes, Less Coverage at The Foundry, reveals more negative news from Obamacare.

  • Still leaves 25 million Americans without health insurance.
  • Cost increased from $738 billion to $829 billion.
  • Baucus bill will accelerate, contrary to the president’s rhetoric, the government’s “takeover” of the health care sector of the economy.
  • Nearly half of the individuals who gain insurance will be through Medicaid, a poorly performing program that is insulated from any serious systemic improvement. Expanding Medicaid, a welfare program, is not health care reform.

Read it here.

“Money bags.”
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