Subway Stairs Turn Into Piano Fun

Fun.  On a Friday.  Straight from a Stockholm experiment.

We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory.

Piano Steps.  “Take the stairs instead of escalators or elevator and feel better” is something you often hear or maybe read in Sunday attachments.  Few if any people have followed this advice.  Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator on a normal day in Stockholm, by making it more fun to take the stairs?  The result you see here.

Piano stairs – – The fun theory

October 7, 2009

Here is an brief translations for our English speaking audience:

0:10 Can we get more people to choose the stairs if we make it more fun?  fun?

1:08 66% more people choosed the stairs in favor of the escalators 

1:28 Apparently, Joy can change behaviour 

1:34 We call it “the fun theory” 

1:44 An initiative from Volkswagen 1:44 An initiative from Volkswagen

56 responses to “Subway Stairs Turn Into Piano Fun

  1. ashleythinks

    That’s neat. I used to have a floor step piano, so fun!

  2. And Marlin Perkins thought sea otters were playful! I’ve said that before. These piano stairs are just further proof that humans take it up an octave or two. Excellent video, and such fun to watch!

  3. I love stuff like this. I wish all stairs were that fun. 🙂

  4. That brilliant would be crazy on the london underground!!

  5. This is a great idea…

  6. that is so amusing!!

  7. that’s a lot of fun indeed.
    let’s wish there will be more around the globe.

  8. Great idea, but I wouldn’t want it near my office

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  10. happy feet, :] they need more stairs like this!

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  12. is the video deleted?? giving me an error

  13. It is a fun. I like this.

  14. Play Fur Alise and you may break an ankle trying to drop to the sharp.

  15. The ‘Fun Theory ‘ is really funny but at the same time is very creative…! I wonder who thought about this piano idea for stairs . The video was very amusing . I hope more of such interesting stairs come up …

  16. Steven Harris

    We all need a little more music in our lives, even if it’s just under our feet.

  17. This is fun and interesting! I love it and am gonna post it too 😉

  18. That’s fantastic! What a way to transform such a mundane area into a place of fun! Although peak hour would’ve been a pain..

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  20. Very nice! I’d hate to see that in an office building though – imagine the headaches for the receptionists.

  21. melikeymeself

    wow! i wish my stairs to class was as fun as that. how about stairs with graphic arts? maybe pictures of a pretend hole.people would be interested…

  22. The stairs are just too cool. We need them here in Oakland @ Bart

  23. Now THAT is innovation.

  24. HAHA!!
    That’s so funny!!

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  26. Heh,that’s neat. The only problem would be actually being able to go up or down the stairs with all the people that it might attract.

  27. autumnincolors


  28. Now if we can only make sidewalks light up everytime someone walked on them.

  29. LOVE this, what a very cool idea.
    It reminds a bit of the virtual keyboard in the toystore FAO Schwartz…

  30. That’s wonderful, why don’t people or gov do one piano like that in São Paulo Subway?….. (i wanna live estocolmo)

    ps.: sorry my bad english

  31. beautiful innovation ! that’s stockhom! new york has a lot to learn get the hint!

  32. I wish we have some of those here in manila.

  33. Absolutely brilliant!

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  35. Wow that’s amazing!! I think that they should make piano stairs everywhere so that the amount of obese could decrease so we aren’t called “The United States of America: The Fattest Country in The World”, or at least that’s what I think other countries would call the USA.

    (Check out my blog!!)

    ~~a girl with a creative heart~~

  36. Things are better done when they are fun. But not everything can be done this way. Anyway, making things fun to do favours creativity and help people enjoy something new and pleasing.

  37. thetownecrier

    Imagine a boatload of these piano floor keyboards laid out on the Washington, D.C. mall, with a bunch of people playing the national anthem.

  38. thetownecrier

    Imagine using one of these keyboards as a doorstep that would go off when visitors come to your house. A new kind of doorbell.

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  40. I love it, but would piano stairs be any easier for a senior citizen to climb? Even getting on the escalator is a little tricky after eighty.

  41. those are so awesome. where are they though? can’t find those in ol’ vancouver, bc.

  42. this is too cool , too awesome.

  43. Wow! It’s great!!!
    And “the Fun Theory”? Umm.. Sounds very inspiring!

  44. Awesome! But could get too noisy during rush hours.

  45. That’s sad that you have to make stairs into a piano just to have people to use it, but it is a great idea!

  46. softballgirl78

    I would totally take the stairs if stairs were like that! Well, I would take the stairs anyway probably, but I would REALLY take them if they were like that!

  47. psychologist1

    very nice and creative! people are not very active now. so, i think that if somebody has an interesting idea how to change such a situation, he is welcome. these stairs are very interesting! i would definitely use them by myself!

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  49. How creative and insightful! Working with children, I know all too well that adding a bit of fun or competition to even the most boring task makes it more appealing and desirable. It only follows that the same would work for stairs 😉

  50. How do we expand on this concept and change the world? If people would take a day a year and dedicate it to doing things like this, just picture the world we would live in!

    This is absolutely Briliant!

  51. that so funny LOL 😀

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