Nobel Obel Joker Prize

Looks like everyone should get a prize, just like from the bottom of every Cracker Jack box. 

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The Nobel Show Horse.  The American Spectator.

By awarding the prize on the basis of hopes and not accomplishments the Norwegians helped Americans bring focus to an uncomfortable, widely held feeling that with Mr. Obama it’s all about him, all the time. 

At the recent International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen his pitch — and his wife’s — were filled with personal pronouns.

For all the personal pronouns and perennial campaigning, the prizes have continued unabated.

Booby Prize.  Posterous.

“They bring a knife.  We bring a gun.  Obel.”
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Obama the Prize Winner.  The Weekly Standard.

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On the other hand, there have been those quite able to pull off some incredible pranks.

Viking Pranks: The Humor of the Gods.  Posterous.

“Stora skamt.”
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Bemused, the chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee, Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, on the beclowning of the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, President Barack Obama.  Big image here

“Oh, for heaven’s sake,” says Labour Party politician Jagland. “Everyone needs to lighten up a bit. We thought awarding a Nobel prize to that silly little man in the White House was so painfully obvious a joke that no explanation would be necessary. We thought the whole world would join us in healthy, therapeutic laughter.”




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