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Home Medical Education Interest Surge By Passing The Buck On Health Care Costs

Hippiecritic at I Own The World brings us the upcoming cover of the book just beyond the horizon, “Learn Doctorin’.”

Thomas Sowell at NRO brings us some seasoned and rational thinking on what will happen under Obamacare.  The ‘Costs’ of Medical Care.

Government control of health care will shift costs, not reduce them.

A 2,000 page bill that will not decrease costs, but will increase taxes?

There are some ways in which the real costs of medical care can be reduced, but the people who are leading the charge for a government takeover of medical care are not the least bit interested in actually reducing those costs, as distinguished from shifting the costs around or just refusing to pay them.

Sowell gives the example that costs of medical education are not going to decrease, but yet doctors are expected to take on large educational loan burdens without the ability to recover their investment and be paid their worth, after many years of intensive training?  Will there be any doctors around practicing once reimbursements under Obamacare diminish, or stay as paltry as they are now as costs continue to escalate?  Will non-physician health care personnel be elevated into practicing medicine to fill those shoes?  Or even recruited from out of this country where health care education may not be on par with America’s?

Get ready to “Learn Doctorin’!”     

“Learn Doctorin’ In Your Spare Time!  Thanks to Obamcare: You can take advantage of all the coming medical shortages and make big bucks!!  But I’m an idiot!  How can I be a doctor?  If you own a set of tools and have a kitchen table to work on, you can learn all them fancy medical tricks that America desperately needs!  Quick guide to surgery.  Start your own practice!!!  IOwnThe World.com.  Hippiecritic.”
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