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A Couple Serve Breakfast In Texas With Wild Deer

Sharing a meal with family and friends can be one of the most wholesome and enjoyable of experiences. 

An Austin, Texas couple decide to share their morning breakfast with the rest of us.

Hat tip, Bits And Pieces.

Breakfast In Texas with wild Deer

December 29, 2008



Kicking Small Business In Front Of Health Care Locomotive

Health Care Delay Would Frustrate Obama, Push Back Other Domestic Priorities.  CNS News.

That is why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is bent on ramming legislation through at breakneck speed.

“We will be ready pretty soon to go to the floor” with a health care bill, she said. 

She said House members know they have a “historic opportunity to do something great, and we would hope that it would be sooner, but I don’t think anybody has a clock ticking.”

Really?  At the expense of the little guy, small business of America?

“Uncle Sam and newspaper.  Nancy Pelosi kicking small business/baby stroller in front of the health care train.”
Image courtesy of Gary Varvel via http://blogs.indystar.com/varvelblog/archives/2009/11/small_business.html.


Meadow The Calf Sports Double False Hind Legs After Amputation

Researchers fit NM calf with prosthetic legs.  Newsvine.

A black Angus yearling gets another shot at romping in the field with fellow calves, thanks to some Colorado State University researchers, and their crafty work at creating some prosthetic hind legs. 

Frostbite apparently created enough tissue damage to warrant amputation previously.  But now, Meadow is home at Twin Willows Ranch near Ocate, New Mexico, recovering just fine.  Showing off her brand new set of svelte legs.  

Read more here and here.

“Meadow the calf with prosthetic hind legs.”
Image courtesy of AP/Martha Dickinson via http://www.newsvine.com/_news/2009/11/04/3459106-nm-calf-fitted-with-prosthetic-legs.