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Buy Your Grades To Raise School Funds In Raleigh Nixed

District nixes cash-for-grades fundraiser.  The News and Observer of Raleigh, North Carlina.

You read correctly.  It has now deteriorated to having this generation of parents and school officials’ approve grade-buying, instead of baked goods and the like, in order to raise extra school funds. 

Rosewood Middle School price list

♦A $20 donation buys 10-point credits to be used on two tests of the student’s choice.

♦A $30 donation buys the test points and admission to a 5th-period dance.

♦A $60 donation buys students test points, the dance invitation, and a “special 30-minute lunch period with pizza, drink and the choice to invite one friend to join them.”

♦Photo ops with Rosewood principal Susie Shepherd, the vice principal, and a home room teacher go for $75. The photos will be posted on a school bulletin board and on the school’s Web site.

Wow.  What buys!  When criticized for peddling grades for cash, the principle responded coyly.

Extra points on two tests won’t make a difference in a student’s final grade.

Thus went the concept completely above the involved parents and school officials, that grades are a reflection of the work performed, and a measure of the knowledge obtained.  School and grades is not about how much cash is on hand at the moment. 

The lesson instilled of trying to buy your way out of everything in life is not a good one.  Youngsters may want to practice it one day when the  policeman pulls them over.  They will then find out if that grade school lesson was worthwhile. 

The county school administrators quickly snuffed out the pay-for-grades fundraiser notion.  The voice of reason descended to guide the wayward, who are responsible for cultivating the next generation who will be your doctors, bankers, engineeers, and the like.