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Trying To Understand Why An American President Bowed To Japanese Royalty

Found over at Lucianne.

Why Does Obama Keep Bowing?

Because it’s harder to look them in the eye.

Now for the laugh.

  • With the deficits he’s running, he’s probably looking for pennies.  kiwinews
  • Constipation. mp4747
  • Our “First Invertebrate President”?  planetgeo
  • He’s looking for his teleprompter.  right-turn

I Own The World has the canine with Akihito at Pacific Rimjob.

“Uncle Sam – You should never greet foreign leaders that way.  Obama bowing to Uncle Sam while bowing to Japanese Prince- I was greeting you.  Akihito extending a handshake”
Image courtesy of Michael Ramirez November 16, 2009 via http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/PhotoPopup.aspx?id=512640.