Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

Senate Looks Forward To Bringing You New Health Care

“Obamacare.  This is how it will look from the cutting table.”
Image courtesy of http://www.motivationalz.com/pictures/Obama_Care.htm.

Splits widen for Democrats over health reform.  Financial Times.  They say it’s gonna be hard.

Democrats got their 60 votes to bring the debate to the floor on a special Saturday session.  The price.

In what wags have already dubbed the “Louisiana Purchase”, Mary Landrieu was offered at least $100m in extra federal money for her state. Ben Nelson won the omission of a provision that would strip health insurers of their anti-trust exemption. Blanche Lincoln won more time.

All the claims.  All the drama.  They will only need 51 votes to pass it next though.  Walk in the park.

The Democrats plan on bringing you Obamacare soon.  What a lovely thought of seeing the above characters in the surgical amphitheater just before you go under anaesthesia, eh? 

It is what America has mandated according to the Democrats.