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Pay More For Your Vending Machine Snacks To Fund Health Care Bill

Pelosi’s Health Care Bill Would Regulate Snack Machines at Estimated Cost of $56 Million the First Year.  CNS News.

Common sense is obviously lacking in Washington, D.C., for now bureaucrats in their never satiating goal of saddling business with ever increasing taxes to fund their various pet projects, have come up with a novel way of “helping” the consumer.  H.R. 3296 Health Care Reform Bill in your pocket.  Again.

As if the average item in a vending machine needs further characterization to define the usually calorie-laden nature.  The machines are also commonly known as snack machines.  The contents thus are typically snacks.  Small fare for the moment, not a meal.  Contents typically high in sugar or fat.  No doubt, part of the catchy appeal.  Common sense dictates the items are designed to provide a transitory indulgence. 

But the government wants to help you.  By forcing the vending machine companies to re-outfit the devices so that you can be presented with nutritional facts on each item BEFORE purchase.  Forget about them already having the government-mandated labeling already on the package.  Forget about your common sense already capable of discerning the nutritional and gustatory gratification from each item with out need thereof.  Although machines with nature’s fresh fruit, milk, water, and the like promote healthier items, the posted nutritional contents will be required of those items as well.

One thing is certain.  If it costs the companies to redesign the machines, America can bet those costs will passed on to the consumer, you.  The cost of the item will likewise rise.  Someone has to pay for the machines.  Someone has to pay for everyone’s health care too.  Even if you already pay for your own. 

“Vending machine.”
Image courtesy of http://www.niu.edu/OneCard/huskie_bucks/vendors/VendingMachines_Snacks.shtml.