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White House Social Secretary Busy As Guest At State Dinner Instead Of Working The Gatekeeper Door

Knives come out for Obama’s ‘preening’ social secretary.  The Independent UK.

Wow.  Looks like the White House party crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, did not just walk into the first U. S. State dinner of their own accord.  It was facilitated by White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, who instead of minding gatekeeper duty, found herself immersed in the extravagant social event.  Never mind that the White House Social Secretary has historically been strictly responsible for orchestrating these events, not sashaying and mingling about as “an invited guest.” 

Bottom line, White House social secretary broke protocol.   Not only that, she declined to testify at a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on how the Salahi’s got into the dinner. White House spokeman Robert Gibbs chimed in her quite puzzling excuse.

“based on separation of powers.” 

Next up, will she just be admonished, or will her boss(es), Barack and Michelle Obama, send her and her fellow Chicago-style skill set back to where that kind of socializing on the job is practiced?

O aide’s crasher ‘confession’.  NYP.  It appears Desiree Rogers used to make it a routine to let “extras” in to the parties months before the recent debacle.    

“Come in.  We’re open.”
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