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The Attack On Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

A repost.  Pearl Harbor Invasion December 7, 1941 updated.  Honor and respect for all those involved, as well as those affected, by this act of war. 


‘A Date Which Will Live in Infamy’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  December 7,1941.

Video: A day that still lives in infamy from Hot Air provides a little background and the video.

Attack on pearl harbor

October 21, 2006

“U.S.S. Shaw exlploding in the background during the attack on Pearl Harbor.”
Image courtesy of http://k6.woodward.edu/ms/2ndperiod-2sem/zil/portfolio/academics.html and  http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/timeline/pearl.htm.

Image courtesy of http://rst.gsfc.nasa.gov/Sect6/Sect6_9.html.

“Photo# 80-G-474789  Burning Ships in Pearl Harbor drydocks, 7 December 1941.”
Image courtesy of http://staff.imsa.edu/socsci/jvictory/help_07/exemplary_papers/tu_09_4/overcoming.html.

“President Franklin Roosevelt addresses a joint session of Congress asking for a declaration of war against Japan, December 8, 1941.  National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Joint Committees of Congress.  In 1945 Congress established a Joint Committee to Investigate the Pearl Harbor Attack, chaired by Senate Majority Leader Alben Barkley. The investigation produced 67 volumes of testimony. This photograph is one of several submitted as an exhibit in the hearings of the Committee.”
Image courtesy of http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/treasures_of_congress/Images/page_21/67b.html.

“Smoke billows out from U.S. ships hit during the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor.”
Image courtesy of http://www.annefrankguide.net/en-US/bronnenbank.asp?oid=18790.

The Japanese attack on the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was the event that directly led to US involvement in the Second World War. The attack that started at 7.55 on Sunday morning December 7, 1941, led to the deaths of 2,400 Americans, with another 1,178 injured. Within two hours, five battleships had been sunk, and another 16 damaged. 188 aircraft were destroyed. But the main target – 3 US aircraft carriers – usually stationed at Pearl Harbor, but assigned elsewhere on that day, escaped damage.

Image courtesy of http://inouye.senate.gov/Home/Hawaii.cfm.

“Pearl Harbor, taken by surprise, during the Japanese aerial attack. Wreckage at Naval Air Station, Pearl Harbor.”
Image courtesy of  http://narademo.umiacs.umd.edu/cgi-bin/isadg/viewobject.pl?object=59314&tab=1.

“Japanese attack on the USS ENTERPRISE, afternoon of 24 August 1942. Third Japanese bomb hit on the flight deck of the ENTERPRISE. The photographer lost his life while taking picture.”
Image courtesy of http://narademo.umiacs.umd.edu/cgi-bin/isadg/viewobject.pl?object=59311.

“U.S.S. Arizona Memorial”
Image courtesy of http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2004/1353/.

National Park Service U.S.S. Arizona.

“The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor is “ground zero” where World War II began for the United States. The event where Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto stated: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant…”
The USS Arizona serves as the final resting place for many of the battleship’s 1,177 crew members who lost their lives on December 7, 1941.

Series : General Photographic File of the Department of Navy.  Additional images.

These photographs document the activities of the United States Navy for the time period 1900-1958. The bulk of the records document the activities of the Navy during World War II.



Big Brother Wants To Manage American Health Care

Nat Hentoff: The cold heart of Obamacare.  The Orange County Register. 

Everyone, regardless of political party, should keep in mind:

“If doctors and hospitals are rewarded for complying with government-mandated treatment measures or penalized if they do not comply, clearly, federal bureaucrats are directing health decisions,” Groopman and Hartzband wrote.

If congressional Democrats succeed in passing their health care “reform” measure to send to the White House for President Obama’s signature, then they and he are determining your health decisions.

Also remember that these functionaries making decisions about your treatment and, in some cases, about the extent of your lifespan, have never met you. They do not know your name, have not spoken directly to your doctor, and, of course, haven’t the slightest idea of what your wishes are. Is this America?

The Senate rarely convenes on weekends.  But they are doing it now.  All under the guise of ramming health care reform Democrat-style  fast track, without due consideration for the inherent dangers involved in allowing government to come between doctor and patient. 

Your doctor is your best health care advocate.  Your government has a health bill filled with regulations about how your care will be managed.  Just like they efficiently manage other governmental programs like the Post Office.   “We know what’s best for you.”

Is this what presidential candidate Barack Obama meant by “Change we can believe in?” Even if you voted for him, is this the change you will believe in if your doctor is overruled by the government in his or her treatment decisions about you? 

Think slowly and clearly before you answer this question.  Your response is crucial, and your life may depend on it. 

Big Brother Healthcare.”
Image courtesy of by LunaC of the Independents in News in Pictures November 16 – 22  at http://www.freakingnews.com/News-in-Pictures-November-16-22-Pictures–2677-0.asp.