Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

Democrats Massively Expand Government Reach Into Health Care

The Illusion of Design.  Hot Air’s The Green Room.

A great read on the demise of health care as we know it today.  The Democrats have calculatingly parlayed faux attempts to reform health care intobackroom deals for selfish gains, in the name of providing everyone health care, that will cost America money, and bureaucratic nightmares of socialized, government-run health care for everyone else.

So, in summary, the case for nationalizing health insurance is that health care cannot be entrusted to the unpredictability and greed of the free market. The individual purchasing decisions of free men and women are too chaotic. The only way to ensure access to health care for everyone is for the State to install a massive, strictly enforced system, complete with huge fines and jail time for those who fail to comply. This system would be superior to the free market, because it would be carefully designed by brilliant minds… engineered to deliver an incredibly complex, ever-changing service to hundreds of millions of Americans.

Is anyone stupid enough to think a “carefully designed system” is what the Democrats are about to drop on us?

A must read.  Click here for more.