Empty Suits All The Above President

The All of the Above President.  The American Spectator. 

Still hot on the campaign trail, trying harder than ever to rescusitate his spiraling image, after the disasters of the faltering U.S. economy, health care reform, bank bailouts, stimulus spending, foreign affairs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and massively increasing deficits mark his administrative performance thus far, a State of the Union Address to the nation was just the venue to make a populist sales pitch. 

He can’t claim to be a tax cutter while pushing for a national energy tax, promoting a health care bill that hikes taxes on the middle class through the individual mandate, and allowing for a massive tax increase when the Bush tax cuts expire. He can’t tout his economic policies if job losses continue to mount and unemployment remains higher than he promised when he sold Americans on the stimulus bill.

In his annual speech to Congress, Obama was able to choose all of the above. But during the year, he’ll actually have to make decisions, and Americans will continue to judge him based on the results.

So far, the mirror reflection is spot on.

“Mr. Nobody.”
Image courtesy of roonma of the Independents for Obama’s Mirror at Freaking News via http://www.freakingnews.com/Obama-s-Mirror-Pictures–2756-0.asp.



2 responses to “Empty Suits All The Above President

  1. When Obama ran for President there weren’t many people who knew what his real record was…only the record that was “enhanced” by the Democratic Party who wanted him as their candidate. But now he can’t hide from his record as President. For every lie he tells during a speech or on the campaign trail, there is a YouTube that will emerge when he says the opposite.

    The man is just too narcissistic to realize that he can’t fool anyone anymore.

  2. thetownecrier

    Empty suit. No substance. May his executive experience now follow him as you say, N.