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Bipartisanship In Health Care Bill Begs Clarification

Americans Tilt Against Democrats’ Plans if Summit Fails.  Gallup.

Support for passing healthcare legislation.  49 per cent OPPOSE.

Support for democrats using reconciliation (simple majority vote) to avoid Republican filibuster.  52 per cent OPPOSE.

So what exactly do the Democrats NOT understand about what American’s do not want? 

Pelosi’s job to pass health care gets tougher every day.  USA Today.  Deaths, resignations, and retirements from the House, in addition to dwindling support because of abortion language, and special incentives such as the Cornhusker kickback for extra Medicaid money to Nebraska the rest of the nation is paying for, make tough sells.

And the Selected in Chief makes clear his smooth delivery with a group of bipartisan legislators that could not come to any agreement after 7 hours of summit match.  I Own The World entitled it quite well.  Very Presidential – If You’re President of the 5th Grade

Madame Nan twists and turns to the White House song and dance next.

“Bipartisanship is a two-way street,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declares in an interview airing Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

“But let me say this,” Pelosi continues, “The bill can be bipartisan, even though the votes might not be bipartisan, because they [Republicans] have made their imprint on this.”

More failed logic.  There is no bipartisanship in the Democrats planned leap off the cliff.  If they have not discerned the sentiment of America by all the polls, protests, TEA parties, emails, letters, and calls, then they are indeed a group being led by a Pied Piper, with poor judgment and no idea their time in Washington, D.C. is measured.

“Obama pied piper.  Socialism.  Change.”
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