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Health Care Reform Snake Oil Salesman Belies Visions Of Grandeur

We’re not buying it, O.  NYP.

He’s still peddling Hope & Change, although now he calls it health-care reform. He swears his miracle elixir will save your life, your money and your country.

We used to arrest people for selling snake oil. Now we elect them.

President Barack Obama.  Health care reform salesman who just won’t stop hawking with high pressure salesman tactics, even though the masses are clamoring otherwise, as his true motivations purvey sheer megalomania.     

Health Care Reform 53% Remain Opposed to Health Care Plan.  Rasmussen March 8, 2010.

Wrong Bill At The Wrong Time.  Forbes.

A sensible president would of course step in and provide some adult supervision to a wayward party hell-bent on jumping off this cliff. But the problem is that President Obama believes in his own messianism too deeply for that. His goal is not to remake his party as it could be but “remake this world as it should be.” In his book Dreams From My Father Obama gives the distinct impression that his gifts are too great for the smallness of our political stage. He regrets not having been born during the civil rights era when the grandness of the cause would have measured up to the grandness of his ambition. He is in search of something big that will allow him to make his mark on the world as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King did. Hence, the defeat of ObamaCare would not just be par for the course in the rough-and-tumble world of politics for him. It would be sign of his ordinariness, his mortality, and that, to him, is unendurable.

“Obama.  Obama’s 100% Pure Snake Oil.”
Image courtesy of highkey of the Democrats in News in Pictures June 30 – July 6 2008 via http://www.freakingnews.com/Obama-Pictures-51489.asp.