Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Republic Suffers Massive Assault To Which Americans Will Respond

Where Were You When the Republic Died?.  AT.

Health insurers — once private companies — are now organs of the federal government. Every citizen is a ward of the state, which can now compel you to have insurance, punish you if you don’t; determine if your insurance is acceptable, punish you if it isn’t. Thousands of new federal bureaucrats will soon spill from the D.C. Beltway and flood the country, scrutinizing our finances to verify compliance with this new law.  

A government that grants itself this kind of power over us can conceivably do anything to us.  For our own good, of course. Such a country is in no meaningful sense “free.”

A government without representation appears to have manifested.  

In 1776, the American Republic boldly announced its birth with the Declaration of Independence. In 2010, it quietly expired with a declaration of dependence — on government, on entitlement, and on the Democratic party.

Americans may be stunned at the moment, but that shall be short-lived.  Patriots will rise up again, as they did in 1773.  Just as there was a Prelude to Revolution 1763 to 1775