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Wholesome Buckwheat And Other Satirical Hits On Health Care

This Healthcare Plan: A Dr. Seuss From Beyond The Grave Tale.  The Nose on Your Face.  Dr. Seuss from the other side simplifies the discussion between the American people, and one certain President Barack Obama. 

Would you like me to orate more,

perhaps upon the senate floor?

But wait.  No Obamacare for Obama?  The Sibyl distills the effect of this debacle into one word. 


And thanks to McNorman and I Own The World for headlining the mood of the country.  Hot diggidy dog!  Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro snagged warm spots up on American billboards! 

Miss me yet?

And then of course, Mockazine brings us some frank truths to behold about Obamacare.  Obamacare: Like No One (Else) Cares.

Support for the reform is deteriorating faster than a “non-productive” citizen with stage 4 cancer.  What Obamacare needs is a good marketing plan with some catchy slogans like… [keep reading here]

And just in time to conclude today’s views on health care, Black GOP Florida Congressional Candidate Calls Obama ‘Buckwheat’.  WPLG Just News.

Corey Poitier, who is running for U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek’s seat, delivered a passionate speech against the health care reform bill Monday night to Broward County Republicans. During the speech, Poitier addressed the President by saying “Listen up, Buckwheat…”

“I wasn’t meaning him any harm. Maybe it was a little insensitive,” Poitier said. “It’s a term that my brother and I use. It was kind of a way of saying, ‘dummy,’ like when I say to my brother, ‘Hey, Buckwheat, cut that out.’ That’s what it was.”

And that’s all for now folks.  Stay tuned, for more views and news on health care across the land.  Some wholesome Buckwheat for now.

“Common Buckwheat.”
Image courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat.

And some more wholesome Buckwheat from The little Rascal’s. 

“Buckwheat say O-Tay!”
Image courtesy of http://dyn.politico.com/members/forums/thread.cfm?catid=1&subcatid=2&threadid=2843737.