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Looming Ordinary Solutions To Clean Up Oil Spill In Louisiana

Proud Military Mom is up and about displaying her prowess in scavenging the internet for worthy ideas.   Oil Spill clean up method courtesy a citizen! (Update!)

Plucked from Yahoo.  Hay is for … cleaning up oil spills?    Straw?!?!  You heard right.  See for yourself.

And McNorman found this one.  Matter Of Trust : Request For Hair To Be Used In Gulf Oil Spill.  The instructions.

Perspective at The Daily Nigger.  Amazing Video Of The Gulf Oil Slick.   

Can ordinary people come up with simple solutions to a complex problem besetting the Gulf of Mexico today? 

CWRoberts Presentation 2.wmv

May 5, 2010

Hair soaks up oil spills

April 2, 2010