Daily Archives: May 24, 2010

Vacationing Rahm Emanuel And Family Leave Dining Tab To Israel

Rahm Emanuel Takes Family to Fine Restaurant in Eilat, Israel… Sticks Israel With the Bill,  Gateway Pundit.

The Emanuels Feast in Eilat – Israel Foots Bill.  Israel National News. 

A private meal on private family time, and this man hands over the bill to a country while vacationing.  Because? 

Some possibilities.

  • He is a cheap skate.
  • He left his wallet at the hotel.
  • He is a moocher.  Even in front of his family.
  • He always makes the host pay.
  • His sense of entitlement, as White House Chief of Staff and/or as a private citizen, extends beyond the borders of America.
  • His reputation precedes him.

Expecting the taxpaying citizens of another country to pay for you and your family’s meal,  reflects arrogance and a grandiose self-importance.  Thrust in the face of the host country, this also reflects an expectation of servitude, which makes it even more insulting.  The worst part of all, he is teaching his family and children that it is okay to push your responsibilities onto others, and that personal ethics, integrity, and character are not important.