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Presidency Spirals And Flails On Gulf Disaster And Stonewalling

Barack Obama’s credibility hits rock bottom after oil spill and Sestak scandal.  Telegraph.

Truth be told.

When any political leader feels they have to declare that they are “fully engaged” in an issue, it is clear that they are in trouble.

On that dissertation that went on ad nauseum, in classic Obama style. 

During those 63 minutes of soporific verbosity, about 800 barrels of oil poured into the Gulf.

Clueless about the firing which eventually became a resignation of director Elizabeth Birbaum of the Department of Interior Minerals Management Service.  A group where corrupting influence of meals and tickets to sporting events were given to inspectors.  The federal group responsible for oversight of oil companies offshore drilling.  As the BP oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spill oil in the America’s worst oil leak disaster.

“I don’t know the circumstances in which this occurred”.

Skirting the issue repeatedly, incapable of answering a simple question on the job offered to Representative Joe Sestak in exchange for dropping out of a Pennsylvania Democratic primary against incumbent Senator Arlen Specter. An offer that could well be illegal.

“there will be an official response shortly on the Sestak issue”.

Now the White House admits pushing Sestak to drop Senate bid.  Reuters.

The stain indelible.

Image courtesy of xilefregnu via http://www.freakingnews.com/Week-in-Pictures-May-3-9-Pictures–2880-0.asp.

The  flailing is obvious.   “Pool diving fail.”