Daily Archives: June 3, 2010

Arizona Governor Promises Courtroom Showdown On Illegal Immigration Bill

Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer to President Obama: ‘We’ll see you in court’ to defend immigration law.  NY Daily News.

“Mr. President, we need our borders secured,” she told CNN‘s John King on Tuesday night. “How can we work together to get it done? We need your help.”

The President has called Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration effort “misguided,” and the Attorney General has raised the possibility of filing a lawsuit to stop it.

If that happens, Brewer told CNN: “We’ll see [Obama] in court.”

“I have a pretty good record of winning in court,” she added.

Brewer.  A woman on a mission to address the problems plaguing her state.  At the behest of Arizona constituents.  71% in Arizona Now Support State’s New Immigration Law.

Cool.  Steely.  Fierce.