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$13 Trillion National Debt Blamed On Presidential Predecessors

This is how Russia sees it.

Another War Will Be Required to Burn $13 Trillion of USA’s National Debt.  Pravda. 

 The national debt of the United States reached the record level of $13 trillion, which means that every US citizen owes the world $42,000. It seems that the US administration does not seem to care much about the fact. Barack Obama believes that it is the fault of the previous government. Obama stated during his speech at Pittsburg that his administration was not guilty of the enormous national debt. He said that he took office during the time of the crisis, when the economic recession in the country resulted in the creation of a huge hole of $3 trillion in the budget of the country

President Barack Obama.  Seems to want everyone to believe he had nothing to do with it whatsoever. 

Savvy folks can see right through that facade.