Daily Archives: June 13, 2010

Mayor Tosses Bottle Cap And Reverend Cries Racism

Mayor bounces bottlecap off dais, apologizes to city councilman Richard Showers [with video].  Huntsville, Alabama. 

Mayor Tommy Battle, acting in frustration with councilman Richard Showers, threw a plastic bottlecap into the dais at the end of Thursday’s city council meeting.

A member of the audience, the Rev. Mitchell Walker of Church Street CPCA, later that night sent a strongly worded email to Battle, as well as dozens of church and community leaders. Walker demanded an apology.

“Well, I can just say for me,” wrote Walker, “to see an elected authoritative Caucasian male mayor totally lose his cool and have the utter gall to throw something at or near a senior African American male Councilman … I’m just speaking for me … very much carries ‘racial’ overtones.”

Ridiculous.  Race baiting. 

At the most, one might deduce disrespect to someone elder.  But not racist. 

Make sure to see the long video (1:26 long) and see for yourself.