Mayor Tosses Bottle Cap And Reverend Cries Racism

Mayor bounces bottlecap off dais, apologizes to city councilman Richard Showers [with video].  Huntsville, Alabama. 

Mayor Tommy Battle, acting in frustration with councilman Richard Showers, threw a plastic bottlecap into the dais at the end of Thursday’s city council meeting.

A member of the audience, the Rev. Mitchell Walker of Church Street CPCA, later that night sent a strongly worded email to Battle, as well as dozens of church and community leaders. Walker demanded an apology.

“Well, I can just say for me,” wrote Walker, “to see an elected authoritative Caucasian male mayor totally lose his cool and have the utter gall to throw something at or near a senior African American male Councilman … I’m just speaking for me … very much carries ‘racial’ overtones.”

Ridiculous.  Race baiting. 

At the most, one might deduce disrespect to someone elder.  But not racist. 

Make sure to see the long video (1:26 long) and see for yourself.


3 responses to “Mayor Tosses Bottle Cap And Reverend Cries Racism

  1. Anything to draw attention to oneself. In this case, unfavorable attention upon the person crying wolf one too many times.

  2. One word…BUTT.