Daily Archives: June 17, 2010

Exodus From Arizona Before Immigration Bill Enforcement Begins

Illegals leaving Arizona over new law.  One News Now.

It appears the goal of the Arizona immigration enforcement law is coming to fruition.

“What this demonstrates is that illegal aliens are rational people. They respond to rational messages,” Mehlman says. “And we make it clear that you’re not going to benefit by coming to the United States or coming to Arizona and remaining illegally. They get that message and decide it’s time to go.”

Mehlman says this report should encourage every other state in the U.S. to adopt Arizona’s hard-hitting statute.

“As long as there are other places in the country that are willing to turn a blind eye or even reward illegal immigration, you’re going to find illegal aliens going to those places where breaking the law is rewarded,” he says. “So those states have a choice to make: Do they want to follow suit and do what Arizona has done and institute laws that protect the citizens in those states?”

If other states welcome these people with open arms now, how much longer before they find their guests have overstayed their welcome, the way the state of Arizona has experienced?  Or will they actively encourage violation of American federal immigration laws?

Arizona SB1070 as amended by HB2162 PDF.