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Obamacare Looking To Take Over Private Health Care Insurance

You’re losing your plan – ObamaCare’s true face emerges.  NY Post.

As plain as day.  

the draft regs envision more than half of all policies having to change within three years — an unmistakable break with President’s Obama’s oft-repeated promise, “If people like their insurance, they will be able to keep it.”

Ultimately, these rules force consumers to buy one of just four health policies — which vary mostly only by trading off higher co-payments for lower premiums, while offering essentially the same actual benefits. In arguing for passage of the law, ObamaCare’s defenders claimed the rules were aimed at health plans sold in the “exchanges.” Oops: Now Sebelius is applying them to employer plans. Eventually, this would force all but the very wealthiest Americans into a single government-designed insurance scheme. 

 Just like the critics predicted.  We’ll Read the Bill: What will happen to my individual health coverage?