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Health Care Mandate First Was Not A Tax But Now Is A Tax

Obama Admin. Argues in Court That Individual Mandate Is a Tax.  The American Spectator.

“”This is an about face from what is laid out in the law,” said Karen Harned of the National Federation of Independent Business, which joined the Florida lawsuit against ObamaCare. “In the text of the healthcare law, the findings for passing an individual mandate specifically rely on the effects of individuals on the national economy and interstate commerce. Nowhere in the findings is the mandate referred to as a tax. The Justice Department is now calling it a tax to try and convince the court not to rule on whether or not Congress exceeded their authority under the Commerce Clause by legislating that all citizens must purchase private health insurance or face a penalty.”

Put another way, the administration is now arguing in federal court that Obama signed a massive middle-class tax increase, in violation of his campaign pledge.

Anything to save face for Obama and the Democrats.

Realize though that you will be paying for everyone else’s heath care.  That IS a tax.  Not a volunteer contribution on the IRS form.

“Honk if I’m buying you healthcare.”
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