Unceasing White House Rhetoric Goes From Oil To Word Spill

George Will.  Ever the  ultra-conservative voice echoing sentiments heard in hushed conversations across America.  Except here he elevates it a bit.

On President Barack Obama’s incessant chattering and sales pitches that America has tired of long ago.

Word Spill.  Newsweek.  On the Gulf of Mexico disastrous oil spill, and other White House endeavors. 

Diminishing returns from his rhetoric may reflect the public’s recoil from wretched excess everywhere. The unceasing torrent of his ill-chosen words is analogous to the unstoppable oil spill, which itself resembles his and his party’s incontinent spending. Just as congressional Democrats’ budget strategy is to have no budget, Obama’s communication strategy is to have no silence. Having no budget means, as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says, having no priorities and hence no restraints. Having no communication strategy means him being constantly in the nation’s face, hectoring incessantly, unconstrained by priorities.


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