Obama Administration Looking To Unilaterally Legalize Illegal Immigrants

Source: Administration Weighs Bypassing Congress to Let Illegal Immigrants Stay.  Fox. 

If ya can’t do it by the books, go around the problems of the laws in place already.  

The Obama administration has been holding behind-the-scenes talks to determine whether the Department of Homeland Security can unilaterally grant legal status on a mass basis to illegal immigrants, a former Bush administration official who spoke with at least three people involved in those talks told FoxNews.com. 

The issue was raised publicly by eight Republican senators who wrote to the White House on Monday to complain that they had heard the administration was readying a “Plan B” in case a comprehensive immigration reform bill cannot win enough support to clear Congress. 

The White House would not confirm or deny the claim. But the former Bush official said the discussions are real.  

“The administration at the very minimum is studying legal ways to legalize people without having to go through any congressional debate about it,” the source said, calling the senators’ claim credible. “Whether somebody pulls the trigger on that, that’s another issue.” 

Yes.  It appears following the laws in place is just too much trouble for the Democrats.  It would be far easier to sneak in illegal immigrants into legalized status by loopholes. 

Forget about the fact many U.S. citizens are opposed to granting amnesty to folks who broke the laws to come and partake of the country illegally from the outset.  Following the laws in place already to gain entry and citizenship apparently are just too _________ (fill in the blank).  Not to mention, amnesty would help swell the Democratic voting bloc. 

Aha!  The real reason. 


2 responses to “Obama Administration Looking To Unilaterally Legalize Illegal Immigrants

  1. Obama and the Dems are doing this for one reason only…legalize them and they can vote, and you know who they will vote for. It will be the only way they can win an election. They’ve alienated just about every group you can think of.

    Thanks to Obama, they lost all the Independents and swing votes that got Obama elected. The only group that is still in Obama’s camp is the black vote who are still in the high 90’s percentile.

    Make ’em legal, let ’em vote. That’s the plan.

  2. Nunly, so prescient. Yup, that is exactly what they want. To give blanket amnesty to folks who broke laws, so that in retur, they will get the eternal vote from that group.