Tennessee Passes English In Workplace Law

Tennessee becomes first state to protect businesses with English workplace policies.  U.S. English.

With the signature of Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen, Tennessee became the first state today to protect the rights of businesses to have English-in-the-workplace policies where there is a “legitimate business necessity.”

The bill, which passed overwhelmingly with bipartisan support in the state House and Senate, was designed to comply with rules set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and to protect businesses from lawsuits. Federal courts have affirmed that businesses can require their employees to speak English during business operations and for safety reasons.

Looks like communication for the safe management of business practices, has become a legal priority in the state of Tennessee.   No more confusion.


3 responses to “Tennessee Passes English In Workplace Law

  1. ProudMilitaryMom

    I love the push back coming from the States. Az with the illegal laws, Ok (I think) banning judges from using Sharia or any foreign law as a basis for decisions and now TN- making English the official language.
    The citizen patriot is coming- and she is pissed!

  2. The citizen patriot is LONG overdue. The states have every right to make laws that are within constititional boundries. People are just plain fed up with everyone wanting everything to suit themselves.

  3. I agree, it’s about time that States start standing up to the Federal government and looking after their citizens. Lord knows that the President could care less what happens to us. Maybe Congress will get the hint and realize that they work for us and if they don’t shape up and start protecting Americans, they won’t be working for long.