California Doctor Distills Obamacare As Looming Financial Tsunami

 A Doctor’s Take On Health Care.  RCP.  Mariela Resendes, M.D. is in private practice in California and a former managing partner of a large radiology practice in California.  A doctor who practices medicine, yet clearly understands the nuances of running a business.  The entire post is replete with sound analysis. 

The summary.  Something critics of Obamacare have been discussing for a very long time.  Yet something supporters have been actively avoiding accepting.

Looking ahead, it is increasingly apparent that by 2020 we will have severe cuts in service thanks to rising retirement among doctors, a decrease in the number of private insurers, and a reduction in the number of hospitals due to federal mandates that fail to marry costs with services. The end result will be rationing and delay of elective procedures, denial of expensive but effective treatments a la England, and most likely a single-payer system the likes of which is seen in other, less advanced health care systems around the world.


2 responses to “California Doctor Distills Obamacare As Looming Financial Tsunami

  1. Obama has his big push on to send out the hounds to the media to “talk up” the health care bill. I have no idea why they have to “talk it up” if the bill was as popular with the public as they claimed it was. You don’t think they were lying to us do you? 😉

  2. Thd salespeople sent on a mission by the WH have quite a task. It will not matter how much sweet talk and sales pitch they throw, the health care legislation is as fetid as those who conjured it up and voted for it.