Maggots Drop Onto Unsuspecting Airline Passenger

Maggot infestation grounds US plane.  NineMSN.Au.  With video.

Maggots falling from an overhead luggage bin has stopped a US plane from taking off.

Passengers were horrified to see the larvae dropping onto an unsuspecting passenger as others began to panic and cause a commotion

911 fumigation call!  And indeed that is what eventually happened when the U.S. Airways flight from Atlanta to New York started dropping those creepy crawlies from a suitcase with rotten meat from the overhead bin. 

Next time you are on a plane, and the pleasant overhead announcement is made to “sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight,” don’t forget to take a peak overhead, just to make sure no critters jump down for a visit en route.


3 responses to “Maggots Drop Onto Unsuspecting Airline Passenger

  1. What in the world was in that suitcase that caused it to be infested with maggots? Ugh! They didn’t notice it when they packed? I hate flying as it is…this is just gross.

  2. or…. that suitcase sat in the overhead- unnoticed- for long enough that the meat rotted. talk about unattended bags!
    Security! Clean up on aisle 3!

  3. The mere idea of a maggot dropping on your head during an airplane ride is really sick. Unattended bags versus squirreling away a hunk of rotting meat into the carry-on….. ICK!