Doctor Signals Problems With Obamacare

This Doctor Fights Obamacare One Patient at a Time.  The Foundry at The Heritage Foundation. 

The consequences are startling. At a time when the Obama administration promises more people will have health insurance, there might not be enough doctors to treat them. Boone said physicians in their 50s are retiring early and young people are choosing other professions.

Opening up the floodgates of health care coverage via expansion of Medicare and Medicaid is a facade that is unsustainable. 

Boone has two employees who spend most of their time fighting with the government over payment problems.

Two employees just to clean up and clear out paperwork and preauthorizations per insurance companies?  No wonder there aren’t enough people around to actually take care of the patients.  And the doctor who has to squeeze in more patients with less time per patient, in order to cover the salaries of all those office workers.  That is a drain of human resources that should be best applied toward patient care, not insurance company capricious logistics.

“I absolutely detest that part of my life,” she said in disgust.

She said the situation became so bad with Medicaid, an insurance program for the poor, that she stopped seeing those patients four years ago. When the government paid none of its Medicaid bills for 18 months, Boone simply gave up. She doesn’t want the same to happen with Medicare, given the difficulties patients are already experiencing.

Video: ObamaCare’s impact on doctors.  Hot Air.  True.

Democrats didn’t want to fix the real problems of compensation and access, many of which originate with the government, but be seen to fix problems they defined in terms of hypothetical access. Expanding Medicaid means that Democrats can claim to have covered more people. But does that help when providers are dumping Medicaid? Does that cut costs within the system when Medicaid patients are the most likely to overutilize emergency rooms, thanks to the perverse economic outcomes Medicaid creates when clinic providers won’t see them thanks to low reimbursement rates?

The answer is no.

Obamacare’s Impact on Doctors

June 28, 2010


2 responses to “Doctor Signals Problems With Obamacare

  1. Idiots! One only has to look at the MA experiment to see it. I was there last year- good luck finding a doc accepting new patients on the state program. Wait times for initial appointments can be up to eighteen months.
    We tried to tell them- but this bill was not about reforming health care- it was about giving the ins co more money by expanding the number of people paying premiums- even if the payers are the taxpayers- not the insured.

  2. Ah, its just easier feigning and posturing a solution, than actually making it come to fruition. Politicians. Good for grandstanding and milking something out of people. But never being able to deliver.