The Phone In The White House

Remember this?  Who Do You Want Answering The Phone at 3 A.M.?  In The White House.

Looks like President Barack Obama has graduated from the junior version, to the adolescent version.  Quick!  The country is in a crisis.  And there’s nothing to eat after a long day on the golf course!

” Batman And Pizza.”
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And thanks to Nunly at the Bad Habit for letting us all in on this little secret Blackberry of sorts that is constantly in use at the White House too. 


My Little Pony Ring-a Pony Cell Phone for Conversing with your Favorite Ponies
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5 responses to “The Phone In The White House

  1. Don’t forget about his sparkly pony cell phone!

  2. How many ponies in the WH use that thing? probably more than anyone can imagine.

  3. I imagine Rham Emanuel has his pony phone in pink with extra sparkles.

  4. To go with his ballet outfit.

  5. Princess Rham to you and I.