Lawnmower Does Hedges Too

Steve McGranahan is the World’s Strongest Redneck.  He demonstrates for us all that truly, need is the mother of invention, when it comes time to do the hedges in the yard. 

It helps to have 22 inch chops for biceps by the way. 

lawnmower on a stick

May 28, 2010

3 responses to “Lawnmower Does Hedges Too

  1. OMG, this guy is really funny. I know a guy just like him.

  2. Well, considering the trouble he was having with the hedge trimmer, I would suggest he stay away from anything sharp…always.

    Wouldn’t it be funny to find out that this guy actually has a PhD in scientific research or something? I think of all the stupid things my husband “invented” at home that a turned out to be totally ridiculous. I guess research scientist are just red necks in white lab coats.

  3. Need is the mother of invention. The concept is what is important. The execution, well, sometimes that doesn’t materialize quite as expected. But if it works for the individual and it is safe, then that is okay too.

    Rednecks in lab coats – hah! that is funny. Research scientists come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. A smorgasbord. Just like the megabox of crayons.