Laying Down Track In The Modern Age

Some things may just be too far away from the daily mode to catch a glimpse of and be mesmerized by the process.

Laying down the track.  In Belgium.

My, how technology has facilitated the process that used to cost incredible manpower and labor.  It has become quite automated now. 

Werktrein in Overpelt.wmv

May 15, 2010

Nieuwe dwarsliggers en ballast werden aangebracht op de lijn tussen Mol en Overpelt.
9-5-2010 eindigden de werken in Overpelt

New sleepers and ballast were placed on the line between Mol and Overpelt.
9-5-2010 eindigden de werken in Overpelt 09/05/2010 finished the work in Overpelt

2 responses to “Laying Down Track In The Modern Age

  1. So that’s how they did it on the Island of Sodor where Thomas the Tank Engine lives!

    That is so cool, I wish my son was little again so I could show him. He LOVED trains and especially the Thomas the Tank Engine series. In fact, at the time I had a day care business and all the little boys loved anything to do with trains, heavy building equipment, or space ships. Those were the good ol’ days…before iPhones and video games.

  2. Yes, why this could be considerred Thomas the Belgian’s train creation. Little kids a re a joy when their immediate goals are simple. Once they start getting complicated, it gets really taxing.

    The You Tube vid today, for the engineer/train lover in in us all.