Daily Archives: August 2, 2010

Miniature Objects Carved Into Into Pencil Tips

Making a good point: The King of miniature sculpture carves tiny Elvis (and a host of other amazing objects) into pencils.  The Daily Mirror.

The creativity that an artistic mind can make with a pencil, a razor blade, sewing needle, and a sculpting knife.

Dalton Ghetti from Bridgeport, Connecticut, immerses himself in sculpting the graphite on the tip of a pencil, to make some amazing miniature creations.  The alphabet, two pencils interconnected by chain links of graphite, a saw, and the list goes on.  His creations that can take several months to two and a half years, have been bestowed as gifts to friends, but never sold.  And he doesn’t use a magnifying glass.  The carpenter by trade, finds relaxation in the carvings.

Click here and here for more images.  And here for more details.

Image courtesy of Dalton Ghetti/Solent News via