Employment Opportunity At McDonald’s

An employment option for those not interested in working. 

“McDonald’s.  Now hiring losers.”
Image courtesy of http://www.signpictures.net/pictures/Now_Hiring_Losers.htm.

5 responses to “Employment Opportunity At McDonald’s

  1. I’ll take that job, it’s not like the rest of the world isn’t filled with bosses who are clowns.

  2. Why yes, Nunly. There are all sorts of clowns. The first would seem the most favorable to work under.

    Whereas the secoind clown seems a bit cranky.

  3. I just don’t know what to say! Did some disgruntled employee do that or is that a photo shop?

  4. Oh- and Pennywise the spider in disguise? Mr. King was apparently channeling my worst nightmares when he wrote that one.

  5. Who knows if it is a photoshop mock up. It is pretty funny.

    As for the clowns, that second clown is miffed by your feelings on all clowns. It is written all over his face.