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Democrats Running From Their Charming Accomplishments

It’s Come to This: Democrat Bashes Obama/Pelosi In Campaign Ad.  CFP. 

Representative Joe Donnelly (D-IN) apparently has the need to tell his constituents he works for them and not those in Washington, D.C.   

How come? 

It’s probably a very good idea for Democrats to avoid talking about their failed economic “accomplishments,” their unpopular Obamacare policy “accomplishments,” and their confusing and growth-stifling banking regulation “accomplishments,” not to mention their “accomplishment” of keeping us at an unemployment rate hovering around 10%.

And of course, the unpopular Democrats’ stance on immigration, and the federal government’s (Obama and Justice Department) action against a state’s right to protect itself when the feds are not doing their job they are sworn to uphold. 

Gee.  No end in sight to all the successes of the Democrats in office right now.  The facts speak for themselves. 

The satire on the snake charmer performance comes from Freaking News.

“Listen Up, Kucinich…Inslee…Obey….It’s a dark day when your own “party snakes” won’t listen!”
Image courtesy of Grumpy OTJ via http://www.freakingnews.com/Listen-Up-Kucinich-Inslee-Obey-Pictures-83837.asp.