Six Ways To Slow Down Obamacare Implementation

Putting the Brakes on ObamaCare.  WSJ. 

Setting the stage using common sense may help thwart the damaging onslaught of the completely partisan heath care reform law passed by the Democrats.  That is to say, if there are sufficient Republicans elected in November 2010 to change the majority party in Congressional seats.  Six ways to stem the hemorrhage and turn the tide in the patient’s favor.  At least until 2012 when the presidency is up for grabs, and the threat of partisan veto hopefully no longer an issue.  Worthwhile points to work on for now. 

  1. Defund it.
  2. Dismantle it.
  3. Delay it.
  4. Disapprove regulations.
  5. Direct oversight and investigation.
  6. Delegate to the states. 

The impetus.

The real wallop of ObamaCare will come in 2014, when most of the spending begins and businesses and individuals are hit with intrusive and expensive mandates. The main job of Republicans, should they capture Congress, will be to slow down implementation of the law and explain to the American people the damage it will do—and already is doing—to our economy. If the White House changes hands in 2012, they can be ready to start with a clean slate and begin a step-by-step approach to sensible reform.

“Stop and do the right thing.”
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