Louisiana Gives Obama Worse Opinion Than Bush On Crisis Management

Gulf officials hope Obama speech can help finish Katrina repairs.  The Hill.  Yes, that would be great.

Five years after Hurricane Katrina annihilated the Gulf Coast, another president will be making an appearance in the area of devastation. 

George Bush went.  His anemic and slow response caused a backlash of criticism and a branding of inept presidential leadership that continues to haunt him today.  But not really!  That was soooooo yesterday.   All is awash, a faded fleeting opinion actually.  Now that Super Obama has arrived!

“Super Obama.”
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Polling on the Spill.  Public Policy Polling.  Total tally in PDF.

Only 32% give Obama good marks for his actions in the aftermath of the spill, while 61% disapprove.

Louisianans are feeling more and more that George W. Bush’s leadership on Katrina was better than Obama’s on the spill. 54% think Bush did the superior job of helping the state through a crisis to 33% who pick Obama. That 21 point margin represents a widening since PPP asked the same question in June and found Bush ahead by a 15 point margin. Bush beats Obama 87-2 on that score with Republicans and 42-30 with independents, while Obama has just a 65-24 advantage with Democrats.

No one ever thought that anyone else could spiral downwards faster or far worse.  But alas, Super Obama has arrived to take the top honor.  Via the Gulf oil spill.  As fast as Bush’s polling numbers dropped, Obama’s numbers  went fast and furious. 

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Ironically, he will use the Katrina anniversary to deflect attention to the needs of the region to accelerate Katrina associated repairs.   No amount of hypnosis will work though, as he continues to draw attention to his own failure in responding and effectively addressing the Gulf oil spill. 


2 responses to “Louisiana Gives Obama Worse Opinion Than Bush On Crisis Management

  1. In retrospect, the use of Bush as a benchmark by President Soetoro has done wonders for maintaining the people’s focus on someone who can deliver the same identical things as did Bush. To the military-industrial-media-influence complex, I give a resounding high five for having maneuvered the ship of state toward the gift that keeps on giving to the status quo, which is war.

    The “polls” reinforce this notion by maintaining this rearview mirror approach to “the good old days”…

  2. Keeping a running memory of events gives excellent perspective. Unfortunately so much happens, and too much falls into short term memory and is castigated to the cobwebs. That’s where perspective comes in handy. People tend to forget the predecessor’s log, and then happily annoint a successor without realizing not much may actually change.

    Better is in the eyes of the beholder. Better is an aberration if one does not pay attention.